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CSNHA works with local co-operatives in Sri Lanka. The local co-operative select beneficiaries and identifies their needs regarding income generating matters. A careful collection of the relevant data, an identification of the needs of the people of the area, a survey of its resources, a study of the feasibility of proposed ventures of the beneficiaries and the opportunities and challenges the target group may have to face.

On principle the CSNHA has decided to assist victims of the war only through co-operative societies in the target area in which they are members. If a war victim is not a member of any co-operative society, steps would be taken to get him enrolled to one of the nearly 1329 societies that are functioning in such areas. Steps are also being taken to re-activate defunct societies in the war affected areas. These societies are motivated to create revolving funds to which funds to assist the beneficiaries are to be channeled and provided as soft loans for identified feasible ventures. That facilitates any funds provided to be used over and over again to benefit several members of the society.

CSNHA gives the funds on a loan basis and aims for interest free loans as much as possible.

We also provide training for the beneficiaries and provide training for defunct co-operative societies. These trainings will mostly be included in the projects

Currently, we are focusing on Sri Lanka on the war affected areas, The Northern an d Eastern parts of Sri Lanka .

We do not exclude expansion to other areas or countries, when the opportunity occurs and if internationally accepted co-operative principles are accepted.

We have in total 13 people who work as volunteers ( Board members included).

All of them work as volunteers.

Yes that is possible. Click here. Do you want to be helped personally, or do you have any question about your donation call us on + 31645476790 or e-mail us at

Yes, CSNHA is a ANBI organization ( Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling)

If you donate a fixed amount to us every year for the next five years, this is deductible. You record this in a periodic donation agreement. Your gift will then be transferred to CSNHA via the so-called ‘periodic donation’.

You can send us an e-mail to with the new details.

You can also call us on + 31645476790.

You can consult our annual reports. If you have any question you can e-mail us and we will answer your questions. Also all members can attend our general members meeting where the annual reports are be presented and explained.

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