Annual Report – 2018

Co-operative Society of The Netherlands for Humanitarian Activities


Annual Report – 2018


CSHNA is proud to announce completion of six years of operations and is now entering the seventh year of activities and service. CSHNA continues to provide assistance to women rendered widows during the unfortunate civil war that raged in Sri Lanka. Assistance is mainly provided via projects and activities that will enhance the livelihoods of the recipients. The assistance is provided in co-operation with various co-operatives and thrift societies that operate in the North & East of Sri Lanka.


Dairy Cows Rearing Project

To date, 18 dairy cows have been distributed amongst the widows in the Vanni District of Sri Lanka. Funding for this has come from two sources. Sri Varatharaja Selvavinayager Temple in Den Helder, The Netherlands has funded 5 cows and 13 cows have been funded from Children Hunger Relif Fund UK


Furthermore the  Co-operative Federation operating in the Mullaitivu District has commenced on a project to provide high quality dairy cows. This is located on a 10-acre land held by the Federation. This project has already commenced and is being funded as follows:

  • 50% of funding is being raised by 35 co-operative societies that operate in the area. Each of them has committed to contribute Rupees 100,000, making a total of Rupees 35,000,000; and
  • 50% of the required funding is being provided by CSHNA and Wilde Ganzen.


As the first step the shrubs and over-growth on the specific 10 acre land was cleared and the borders duly fenced. However, due to the severe monsoon flooding last December, some repair and maintenance work had to be done.


A committee of five persons has been drawn from the co-operative societies to steer the project. In addition, Progress Reports from a panel of experienced personnel, comprising Messrs Sothi Murugesu, Sivakumar and Northern Thrift and Credited  Co-operative Federation will be submitted. This is done on behalf of CSHNA, who will in turn report to Wilde Ganzen.


Goats Rearing Project

As the first stage, 12 women who are members of Kaatta Vinayagar Thrift and credited  Society have been given goats under this scheme. This Society has been successfully operating in Mulliyavallai over the past 20 years. To ensure proper implementation of this project Mr. Sivakumar has been requested to oversee this and provide regular reports and updates.


The 12 goats that were provided in January 2018 have now multiplied and increased to 25. Mr. Rabindran from CSHNA visited the area last August and has submitted a video report on its successful progress.


Due to the success of this schemes to date, a further 21 women are to be allocated a goat each. Financing of this is being explored. It is expected that successful implementation of this scheme will in two years result in over 200 heads. With this a goat farm can be established on the 5-acre land held by the Society. CSHNA will be raising the required funding for this project.


Minor Crops Growing Project

The financial assistance provided to the women in 2016 to grow minor crops such as urid, green gram and pulses has been successful. Financial assistance id being provided on a revolving basis due to the level of success to date.


Paddy Cultivation

Based on financial donation by Mrs. Maheswary and V4U organisation in London, farmers in Mannar were provided with financial assistance to cultivate paddy. Revolving credit has been provided to about 100 farmers for this project. Annually about 200 acres of land are now cultivated under this scheme.


Planting of Coconut Seedlings & other Trees

Since 2016 CSHNA has funded the planting of coconut seedlings and other tress. Most of these were destroyed during the war. The objective of planting many thousands of trees, was based on the premise that such trees could in the short term sustain livelihoods for the families. Accordingly, per family five coconut seedlings and jack, mango, lime and orange plants were distributed.


The financing of this project has been temporarily suspended pending an in-depth evaluation and assessment.


Supply of Bicycles

Following a field visit to the Northern Province, a project to issue bicycles to the needy will be implemented during 2019.


Flood Relief 2018

CSHNA collected clothing with the assistance of all the temples function in The Netherlands. The clothing was shipped to those affected by the severe monsoon flooding in Northern& Eastern Sri Lanka. 54 boxes have been shipped already as the first stage.


Funds Raising Events & Schemes

Adequate funding is required by CSHNA to proceed with the financing of various projects. Many in The Netherlands and Europe have committed to contribute monthly Euro 5. It is noted that small amounts go to make u a reasonable amount.


Funds have also been raised from Food stalls, collection & donations form various stall holders and temple festivals and book launches.


The Annual Report of CSHNA also highlights the funds received form Subsidiegezocht, The Netherlands for the supply of high quality dairy cows in Mullaitivu area.


Human Resources

CSHNA needs to broad base its human resources and volunteers to enable it to work successfully towards its objectives. CSHNA requests more people to join the association and help us help those in need of assistance in Sri Lanka