An introduction to the CSNHA

The Co-operative Society of The Netherlands for Humanitarian Activities (CSNHA) is a non-profit organisation formed in December 2012. It is determined to work according to the internationally accepted co-operative principles. It has an Executive Committee elected by the members of the Society. The term of office of this Executive Committee is two years. They could be re-elected to the Committee or replaced by other members from the general body. Only those who are Tamil speaking persons of Sri Lankan origin residing in Netherlands could be regular members of the Society. Others could be associate members with the approval of the Executive Committee.

The CSNHA solicits funds from donors and Funding Agencies for specific projects of the Society. The projects of the CSNHA are prepared after a target area, a careful collection of the relevant data, an identification of the needs of the people of the area, a survey of its resources, a study of the feasibility of proposed ventures of the beneficiaries and the opportunities and challenges the target group may have to face. Once the project gets going, provision is made for training of the beneficiaries in the ventures they chose and their progress is monitored regularly. Provision is also made by an evaluation of the impact of the project by an independent evaluator to learn from any mistakes that may have been made during the implementation process.

On principle the CSNHA has decided to assist victims of the war only through co-operative societies in the target area in which they are members. If a war victim is not a member of any co-operative society, steps would be taken to get him enrolled to one of the nearly 1329 societies that are functioning in such areas. Steps are also being taken to re-activate defunct societies in the war affected areas. These societies are motivated to create revolving funds to which funds to assist the beneficiaries are to be channeled and provided as soft loans for identified feasible ventures. That facilitates any funds provided to be used over and over again to benefit several members of the society.

Besides this enables a complete transparency of the funds provided to the victims. The Executive Committee of the CSNHA meets regularly even though it does not have any funds of its own. It subsists on whatever amounts the members could spare and on donations from well-wishers to run the organisation. A fund raising event was organised in Den Helder through a cultural programme in December, 2013. When funds are received for projects of the organisation it uses the amounts specified in the project proposal to meet the operational expenses of the project.


To develop and implement projects that will facilitate the improvement of the living standards of the widows, children and other people who have been affected by the war through community based co-operative societies.

To develop programs that will enhance the well-being of people who have been directly or indirectly affected by the adverse impacts of the post war situation in their country.

To develop the capacity of community based co-operative societies to enable them to serve the people of the area in general and its members in particular.

To promote the activities of women affected by the war to enable them to face the challenges of life


To ensure that those affected by wars live as prosperous, secure and contended communities in their respective countries.